Lower your personal insurance costs with the LAS Group Home and Auto Program

Take advantage of the significant buying power in Ontario’s municipal sector to achieve sizable group discounts on your personal home and auto insurance.  

LAS has negotiated exclusive discounted rates through Cowan Insurance Group on personal home and automobile insurance. The LAS Group Home and Auto Program is available to all staff and elected officials of AMO member municipalities or municipalities that participate in any LAS Programming. Put LAS and Cowan Insurance Group to work for you today.


“I was amazed at how much I saved by switching to the LAS Home & Auto program. I even cancelled my previous insurance early and still saved over $700.00. The process was quick and easy and most of it was completed via email. As I first learnt of the program through word of mouth, I wanted to share my experience to encourage all municipal staff and elected officials from across the province to investigate.

As if saving money wasn’t enough, I also won a $1,000 VISA gift card. Thank you Cowan Insurance and LAS! "
Shirley K
City of Windsor

Graphic of discount of up to 25%25 off regular rates


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