Sewer and Water Line Warranty Program
Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the warranty program important?
Many people believe that water and sewer lines will last hundreds of years without failing, but the truth is, there are many things other than the life expectancy of the pipes that contribute to infrastructure failure - such as tree-root intrusion, rust and weather.  The program provides peace of mind - to municipal homeowners and municipal leadership.

What does this warranty service cover?
The LAS Sewer and Water Line Warranty Service provides homeowners of a participating municipality with access to coverage for their sewer and water laterals leading from the residence to the municipal line.  The warranty covers any repair or replacement work on laterals as a result of general decay from age, rusting, tree-root intrusion, and weather related occurrences, including frozen pipes.

What is the program cost for the municipality and homeowners?
There is no cost to the municipality for this program and homeowners participation is completely voluntary.  For a small monthly fee (see the pricing page), homeowners can purchase warranty protection that covers repairs to the buried lateral lines on their property. Public funds are never used in the marketing or administration of the program.  

How does the program work?
LAS’ service partner, SLWC, manages all aspects of the program, including marketing, billing, customer service, contractor management and completion of all repairs to local code.  SLWC even handles the mailings to homeowners in your community, with all mailings being pre-approved by the municipality.

Who is eligible for the program?
Single family homeowners are eligible for the program. Rental properties are also eligible for coverage, provided the property owner purchases the warranty. Excluded properties include apartment and high-rise buildings, mobile homes and multi-family units with shared service lines.

Is pre-inspection required before a homeowner can enroll?
Pre-inspection is not required prior to enrollment in the warranty program for any property. During the enrollment process, the homeowner acknowledges that their current service lines are in good working condition per the Terms and Conditions of the program.

What happens when a homeowner experiences a service line issue on their property?
With one call to the SLWC toll-free number, a licensed contractor from the area will be dispatched to make the repair.  There is no paperwork to complete, no hidden services fees or deductibles, and no annual limits on the number of repair occurrences.  All contractors are thoroughly vetted through a third-party compliance management vendor that performs extensive background checks.

Who completes any necessary repairs?
All work will be performed by a licensed contractor that has successfully passed the necessary requirements to become a member of the SLWC Contractor Network. If a permit or line location is required, proper permitting will be secured before work begins and any necessary repair will conform to applicable plumbing/excavating codes.

What is the water line coverage?
Coverage includes the consumer-owned portion of the primary water service line from a public or municipal water system to the point of entry to the home. The program provides service or repair for the broken or leaking water line serving the home where the flow of the line is interrupted due to normal wear and tear up to $5,000 per occurrence.

What is the sewer lateral coverage?
Coverage includes the consumer-owned portion of the sewer lateral from the point of entry into the home to the point of municipal sewer responsibility (typically the main service line). The program provides service or repair to restore flow to the sewer lateral servicing the residence where the line is impeded due to normal wear and tear, or tree roots, up to $8,000 per occurrence.

What is the warranty on services completed by SLWC?
All repairs are warranted for workmanship and quality for a period of one year by the servicing contractor however, as long as the enrolled customer remains in good standing with the SLWC program, additional repairs are covered as there are no lifetime or annual limits on the number of repairs.

What is the contract term with SLWC?
The contract term is month-to-month. Customers may cancel their warranty at any time without penalty via phone, web, or written correspondence. Homeowners who pay annually receive a prorated refund for any remaining coverage period.

Let us know if your municipality is interested in learning more about the LAS-endorsed Sewer and Water Line Warranty Program.

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