Save Money and Reduce Energy Consumption with new LED Streetlights

Street before and after installation of LED streetlighting

Since its launch in March 2013, the LAS LED Streetlight Program has become the leading LED Streetlight replacement program in Canada and is among one of the largest programs in its class internationally.  In fact, this program has been recognized by the World Bank as being among the most efficient and successful delivery models in the world.

Our LED Streetlight Program employs a unique turnkey approach that brings together all of the services municipalities require to roll out the new technology and start reaping the benefits quickly.


LED Streetlight Projects Map



It was such a significant savings off our bottom line.  It just made sense."
Dana Valentyne
Community Development Officer
Town of Deseronto

"We selected LAS’ Streetlight Program because we were confident that the partners were in a position to finish our project in the timelines we required. Their relationship with CREE, their installation record and IESO application experience put them at the front of the line to get the project done quickly and properly.  Plus, we believe the LAS program represented the right approach to the project… The LED streetlight conversion project went very smoothly. We found their field crew to be extremely responsive to any issues or requests we made and everything was done in a very professional manner.”
Barry Thompson
Manager of Energy Management
City of Barrie

“We have had a very positive experience with the LED street lighting program. In addition to the financial windfall experienced, light pollution has been significantly reduced and maintenance calls are virtually non-existent.”
Grace Naylor
Township of Chatsworth

“I must commend LAS for the procurement process. A small municipality like ours does not have the staff to perform such a procurement exercise. The selection of Cree and RealTerm Energy was excellent, and offered nothing but professionalism.”
Will Moore
CAO / Clerk
Township of Chatsworth

“We would like to thank you and the LAS team for bringing forward such an outstanding initiative and for assisting our municipality throughout the process of participating in this conversion program. These initiatives are integral to assisting municipalities better administer their assets and ensure more environmental conscious management.”
Bob Sweet
Town of Petawawa

graphic of 178 municipalities signed n with LAS to upgrade streetlights to LED


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