Road & Sidewalk Assessment Service
Frequently Asked Questions

What is PCI?
Pavement Condition Index is a 1-100 scale for rating roads. It takes into account the severity and extent of pavement surface distresses including surface defects, deformation and cracking. PCI is required for O. Reg. 588/17 for municipal asset management plans.

What is IRI and do I need to measure it?
International Roughness Index (IRI) is a rating system that measures ride quality. It is a subjective rating of roughness/noise created by a vehicle driving at or over 80km/h and is therefore not relevant to most municipal roads. The StreetScan system uses 3D cameras to evaluate bumps and depressions in the road, which form part of the PCI calculation.

What does the sidewalk assessment look at?
The sidewalk assessment does two types of evaluations: an asset condition rating for long term planning, and identification of defects for short term maintenance. A Sidewalk Condition Index (SCI) is produced for each segment indicating the overall condition of the asset. At the same time all defects, particularly the 2cm trip hazards named in Ontario’s Minimum Maintenance Standards, are identified and GPS located. As an optional service, we are able to evaluate ramps and other pedestrian facilities for compliance with Ontario’s Integrated Accessibility Standards.

Do I need to use the Streetlogix software?
If you have existing software you prefer to use, we can perform the road assessment and deliver data to use in your system. You can always subscribe to the Streetlogix software for a year, and then take over hosting the data yourself after that if you find it isn’t providing value. There is no obligation to continue using the software.

Can your software talk to my existing Asset Management/GIS/Workorder systems?
Yes. Our system can be set up to transfer data to existing programs in whatever manner makes the most sense to your operations. Our specialists will work with your team to make sure all systems are operating together properly.

How many people can use the software?
The StreetLogix software allows for unlimited users, with customizable permission levels to allow for editing or read-only access.

Can I assess my roads and sidewalks separately?
Yes. The two services can be completed together or separately.

Do we survey gravel?
We don’t typically survey gravel roads, as surface conditions regularly change, but we are open to discussing custom projects. We are able to record right-of-way video down gravel roads if desired. We can extract information from this visual survey such as road widths, guardrail condition, and signs/poles.

The StreetLogix software can include your gravel road network, with users able to enter data to track road condition. This will help with meeting Ontario’s asset management regulations, which require an excellent/good/fair/poor rating for unpaved roads. We can add additional layers to track other information, such as culvert location, size, and description.

How does the pricing work?
Most costs are based on lane kilometer, with a few set fees for licensing and setup. Software is by an annual subscription, which includes hosting and support. Because the cost for the survey is higher than that of the software, we offer Asset Management as a Service, where the costs are averaged over multiple years. If you’re interested in the cost for your municipality, contact LAS for a no-obligation proposal.

How often do I need to survey my roads/sidewalks?
Roads are typically surveyed every 2-5 years, depending on your individual needs and conditions. Ontario’s Minimum Maintenance Standards require sidewalk inspections annually.

If you have any other questions please contact:
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