Segregated Portfolio

Take Control with a Segregated Portfolio

Available to any investor with a minimum $30 million investment, a segregated portfolio could provide greater investment control to larger municipal investors. The investor must make a term commitment to the One Investment
Program related to the operation of the segregated mandate.

Under the management of The One Investment Program’s professional investment managers, a segregated portfolio could invest in any eligible investments, thereby providing an investor with greater control related to the management of their portfolio. A segregated portfolio could also offer lower fees than our standard portfolio offerings, as well as direct investment advice from The One Investment Program’s investment managers on a periodic basis.

Valuation, custody, and record-keeping functions for a segregated mandate would be contracted independently by the investor from a service provider of their choice.



Eleonore Schneider
Program Manager

T 416.971.9856 ext. 320
TF 1.877.426.6527
F 416.971.6191

Donna Herridge
Executive Director, MFOA/CHUMS

T 416.362.9001 ext. 233