Bond Portfolio

Short-term Investments in Government Bonds

The objective of the One Bond Portfolio is to provide competitive rates of return through a diversified portfolio of conservatively managed short-term bonds where preservation of capital is of prime concern.

Qualified securities include Government of Canada Debt and Guarantees, Provincial Government Debt and Guarantees, Canadian Municipal Debt, Canadian Bank Debt, Loan and Trust Company Debt, and highly rated commercial paper.

Investment Horizon

With an investment horizon of 18 months to 3 years, municipalities will find the One Bond portfolio suitable for:
  • Surplus operating funds not required in the current year
  • Capital funds to be expended in the following 1-3 year period
  • Gas Tax receipts not expended in the current year  
Portfolio Manager
MFS Investment Management Canada


Eleonore Schneider
Program Manager

T 416.971.9856 ext. 320
TF 1.877.426.6527
F 416.971.6191

Donna Herridge
Executive Director, MFOA/CHUMS

T 416.362.9001 ext. 233