Investing Gas Tax Funds

The One Investment Program can help your Federal Gas Tax dollars grow now, so you can spend more on infrastructure later.

Gas Tax Funds are a stable and predictable source of funding for your municipal infrastructure. Sometimes you need to spend the money right away on urgent needs. Other times, you want to save it for bigger projects down the road. AMO has an initiative that makes it easier to invest your Gas Tax Funds in the One Investment Program.

This initiative allows municipalities to automatically direct their Gas Tax payments into an investment that will grow over time providing your community additional funds to spend on future infrastructure. Investment options available are for fixed one, two, three, four or five year terms, to help you maximize your total investment return.

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Eleonore Schneider
Program Manager

T 416.971.9856 ext. 320
TF 1.877.426.6527
F 416.971.6191