Distributor Consolidated Billing (DCB)

DCB is the method of billing used by the LAS Electricity Program to invoice electricity commodity charges to our municipal customers. The method is called DCB because the local electric utility consolidates all charges, including the LAS commodity charge, on the utility bill and sends a single invoice to the customer for each electricity account. This process is the same the same process by which most customers already receive their electricity invoices.
  • The process for DCB billing is quite simple:
  • The local electricity utility (LDC) reads the customer meter – same as always
  • The LDC sends the electricity usage information to LAS
  • LAS applies the hedge purchased by the municipality and calculates the commodity cost amount
  • LAS sends the commodity amount to the LDC and they place the commodity amount on the customer’s bill together with other charges like Distribution, Global Adjustment, Transmission, Monthly Customer Charge, HST, etc.
  • The LDC collects the bill amount from the customer and remits to LAS their portion
Note:  The commodity amount appears as only one line on the electricity bill the customer receives from their utility.


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Program Manager

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