The Vampires in your Home

Posted: October 31, 2018

You probably didn’t know it, but you have many little two fanged devils in your home right now sucking away on the blood running through the walls of your house. They aren’t under your bed or in your closet waiting to pounce, but hiding in plain sight. They sit in the shadows, silently but constantly sucking electricity and running up your hydro bill.

So what can you do besides tremble in absolute fear like a helpless peasant waiting to be bit? What to do about this horror in your own home?

Every appliance and charger you have plugged into your home can be one of these vampires. Many of these electronics and appliances have a standby mode to let things turn things on faster. This standby power can account for almost 10% of the total electrical energy used in a typical home.

Here is a list of the most common little devils that live in standby and drain us:
Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone when fully charged but still plugged in
  • Computer in sleep mode
  • Computer Monitor, printer, modem, router
  • Television
  • Microwave
  • Game Console
  • Coffee Maker
  • Cable Set-Top Box / DVR
  • Clock
  • Surge Protector
  • Cordless Landline Phone
So what can we do about these energy suckers? Let’s go through a few options to force the bloodsuckers to thin down a bit:
  • Turn off computers and monitors when not in use instead of leaving them in sleep mode
  • Remove devices from the charger when fully charged
  • Unplug devices you rarely use
  • Do you really need so many clocks?
  • Stop drinking coffee at home – drink the sludge at work instead
  • Make sure your devices are Energy Star compliant - they have a lower standby consumption
  • Just give up and throw garlic on all your devices
Taming a few of these energy suckers can make a big difference to your Halloween hydro bill. Unplug a few chargers before you head out trick or treating, and enjoy your candy safe in the knowledge that the world has a few less vampires to deal with.

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