PROGRAM SPOTLIGHT: Sewer and Water Line Warranty Service

Posted: November 01, 2017
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The majority of homeowners take pride in their home and do their best to keep it well maintained.  One way of doing that is to take out homeowners insurance to guard against theft, fire, flooding, or any number of other occurrences that are out of the homeowner’s control.  However, homeowner’s insurance generally only covers the contents within the home (i.e. inside the four exterior walls).  One of the things not covered by homeowner’s insurance is the exterior sewer and water line laterals that connect to municipal sewer and water infrastructure.  Moreover, most homeowners don’t realize that if these fail on their side of the property line, it’s their responsibility to fix it, not the municipality’s.  And it could be a costly repair, often thousands of dollars.

That’s why LAS has partnered with Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC) to offer residents of Ontario municipalities a low cost warranty service for sewer and water line laterals.  All that is required is an endorsement from your municipality.  The warranty service covers leaks, and clogs due to age, rust, root intrusion, and freezing.  When possible, licensed local contractors are used to do the repair work. 

Coverage levels are up $5,000 for the sewer line, and up to $8,000 for sewer lines.  Note that these coverage levels are per incident, not annually.  The monthly cost for the service is minimal, though there is a slight difference from northern and southern Ontario rates due to common differences in infrastructure.
Area Warranty Type Monthly Cost Single Annual Payment
Northern Ontario External Water Line  $5.75  $64.00
External Sewer Line  $6.50  $73.00
Total (Annual)  $147.00  $137.00
Southern Ontario External Water Line  $5.00  $55.00
External Sewer Line  $5.75  $64.00
Total (Annual)  $129.00  $119.00
If your municipality receives calls about failing infrastructure that is the homeowner’s responsibility, such as with frozen lines, then this service can help both you and your residents.  Stop your residents from calling your municipal offices and help them help themselves with a warranty from SLWC.  For more information on the SLWC service, contact SLWC’s program manager Jeff Olson.

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