Expansion of LAS Recreational Facility LED Lighting Service

Posted: May 30, 2018
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Image of T8 LED Replacement bulbLAS launched its Recreational Facility LED Lighting Service in 2015. This turnkey solution targeted the replacement of high bay lighting fixtures with energy efficient LEDs. To date, more than 25 arenas, public works garages, water treatment plants and pools have upgraded their lighting to LEDs under the service. This represents a combined annual savings of $185,000.

Upgrading to LEDs results in reduced energy consumption, helping organizations save money on energy and maintenance cost. Other value added benefits to the service include photometric design, incentive applications and project management.  However, the service is not limited to high bay lighting. 

Image of T8 LEDs in Office EnvironmentOver the past few years, LAS has had a number of requests to include other interior and exterior facility lighting.  With that in mind, LAS and a committee of municipal staff and external experts put together an RFP to enable LAS to offer municipalities a more holistic Facility Lighting program.  In doing so, we have been careful to make sure the RFP complies with the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and Comprehensive Economic Free Trade Agreement (CETA).  While the expansion of the service is currently under review, we expect to announce an official launch, including new program partner(s) by early summer 2018.

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency (Natural Resources Canada), lighting contributes to 11% of energy consumption in commercial/institutional buildings. It ranks third highest on the list after space heating and auxiliary equipment.
Graph Showing Top 7 Energy Consumers in Commercial /Top 7 Energy Consumers in Commercial / Institutional Buildings

Therefore converting your office lights to LED has a significant impact on your overall energy consumption. In addition, it enhances your municipal energy reporting targets in compliance with Ontario Regulation 397/11.

The new Facility Lighting Service will replace the Recreation Facility LED Lighting Service and feature a wider range of interior and office lighting solutions, as well as the same LED high bay fixtures previously offered.  Conrad Lighting Solutions will continue to provide the great service we have all come to expect under this program.  Perhaps the best part is you don’t have to wait for the formal announcement in the summer!  Contact Christian Tham at ctham@amo.on.ca today to be the first in line for what promises to be a high demand service.

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