As the Sun Sets on our Streetlights…

Posted: March 12, 2019

This month marks six years since the launch of one of our most popular programs to date, and what a six years it has been.  Our LED Streetlight Program has been responsible for installing over 200,000 streetlights in 177 municipalities.  That’s 40% of the Province!  We were honoured to be recognized by the World Bank as one of the most efficient and successful joint procurement delivery models in the world. 

The benefits of LED technology are clear.  Reduced energy consumption, reduced operational costs, and long life span make the business case easy.  LEDs are environmentally friendly, reduce light pollution, and improve the quality of artificial light in a community.

Our program is currently providing Ontario’s municipalities with over $17.1 Million in annual electricity and maintenance savings.  It is responsible for over 82.2 GWh per year in reduced electricity consumption – enough to power 8200 homes!

Photo: Southwest Middlesex Downtown: Before and After Photos (Decorative Streetlights)
Photo: Southwest Middlesex Downtown: Before and After Photos (Decorative Streetlights)

We continue working diligently to upgrade lighting throughout Ontario in partnership with RealTerm Energy and Cree Canada.  Thanks to their efforts the majority of municipalities have completed, or are in the process of completing, their upgrades.  SaveONenergy incentives also played a large role in making this technology affordable for our members, but these are set to disappear at the end of 2020.  Therefore, 2019 will be a wind-down year for this program. 

A number of municipalities may still be considering upgrades.  Some have not yet been able to do any upgrades, while others completed cobraheads and have been putting aside the savings for a decorative fixture project.  Rest assured, the LED Streetlight Program may be fading, but it’s not gone yet. 

For those who have yet to convert their streetlights to LED, we encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible for a free proposal. For those with projects currently underway, including those with phased projects over multiple years, you will continue to benefit from our competitive pricing and exceptional customer service.

LAS, RealTerm Energy, and Cree Canada are grateful for the support of all the municipalities who have joined us on this journey so far and we look forward to serving your community.

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