LAS Facility Lighting Expansion

Posted: July 25, 2018
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Back in May, LAS hinted at expanding our popular Recreation Facility LED Lighting Service.  Since then, we have been working hard behind the scenes to finalize the various pieces of this expansion.  Moving forward the program will be more aptly named the “LAS Facility Lighting Service”.  This better describes the expanded turnkey program.  Instead of focusing solely on high bay lights in recreation facilities, works garages, pools, and public warehouse spaces, we now offer a lighting upgrade service for all lighting in your facilities.

Like our other turnkey services, LAS has done all the legwork to save you both time and money.  On behalf of all public sector organizations, we have completed a comprehensive RFP that complies with public procurement and free trade requirements.  Based on the detailed analysis of our 8-member committee, we are pleased to announce that we have not one, not two, but three successful bidders!  Our awards are based on standard lighting applications in a commercial office setting.  Here’s the breakdown of the successful bidders and the respective categories:

Category A

Image of Category A Facility LightingCategory A covers new “troffer style” fixtures typically found in suspended (or T-bar) ceilings.  These are very common in offices and come in 2x4, 1x4, and 2x2 styles.  For those who want to put in completely new fixtures, this would be the solution for them.   The successful vendor for the flat panel fixtures is Philips Lighting Canada (Signify).

Category B

Image of Category B Facility LightingCategory B represents “retrofit kits” for existing troffer fixtures.  These kits would involve removing the “guts” from a troffer, and installing new LED systems in the exiting housing.  The successful vendor for these kits is Acuity Brands Lighting Canada.  This is the same company that supplies our program’s high quality “high-bay fixtures” that were part of our original Recreational Facility Lighting program.

Category C

Category C refers to lamps Image of Category C Facility Lightingand ballasts.  Sometimes it is possible to just replace the lamps or lamps/ballasts in a fixture during an upgrade.  Gerrie Electric will be working with Sylvania (LEDvance) to provide products for this category.

Why Have Three Suppliers? 

Simply put, awarding based on the highest scores in each category offers the best value.  This means that our members receive the best products at the lowest prices, no matter the application.  In addition, having three vendors provides ample choice when it comes to non-standard lighting such as pot lights, vapour tight lighting, wall sconces, and other decorative type lighting.  All three supply partners have full lines to suit any style, need, and budget. 

How the New Program Will Work

Our current service provider, Conrad Lighting Solutions (CLS), will act as the consultant for a project, carrying out audits, designing spaces, and organizing the fixture supply and installation.  Where products do not fit neatly into the three award categories above, CLS will suggest different options from the three successful vendors that will work in that circumstance.  Ultimately, the decision will be up to the end users, but with CLS’s 30+ years of product knowledge in the lighting industry, we are confident that you will be pleased with the options available.
Converting your lights to modern LED technology not only contributes to your asset renewal, but also reduces operational budgets through lower energy and maintenance costs. To find out more or get started on converting your facilities to LED today, contact Christian Tham at 416-7106610.

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