Four ways LAS can support your Energy Plan!

Posted: January 30, 2019
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Despite the provincial election and repeal of the Green Energy Act in 2018, all public sector organizations are still required to report consumption annually and update energy plans every five years.  In December 2018, legislation was passed to shift the energy reporting function to O.Reg. 507/18 under the Electricity Act.  The next deadline is July 1 2019 which requires an update of the 5-year Corporate Energy Plans.

The Ministry of Energy conducted a review of 2014 Energy Plans and identified some key findings in a webinar on April 30 2018:
  • Less than 20% of plans met all requirements;
  • Less than 5% of municipalities used energy benchmarks;
  • Approx. 30% noted they would track results;
  • Most plans focused on technical measures, not behavioural/organizational.
With this in mind, we are doing our best to equip our members with the tools and confidence to update their own plans.  Here are four LAS initiatives that you may want to consider.
  1. Energy Planning Tool (EPT):
The Energy Planning Tool is an online software that helps broader public sector organizations comply with the current Regulation. Think of it as a DIY Tool for energy planning and reporting.  The software allows users to record utility consumption of their buildings, track any energy related projects, programs, or processes, and even create your own energy plan through its unique template.  Annual consumption reports and the five-year Plan can be generated quickly and easily.  Subscribing organizations are allowed multiple users at no additional cost which means the entire team can be involved.

LAS is currently working on updates to the software that will allow members also using our commodity programs to update their utility consumptions at the click of a button.  This will save tonnes of data entry for EPT users and provide for a more consistent dataset.
  1. RETScreen Performance Analysis Workshops:
In March 2019, LAS will host a number of RETScreen Workshops throughout the Province.  The purpose of these workshops is to assist public sector staff who want to analyze the energy performance of their facilities and verify energy conservation projects in compliance with the Regulation (Section 6(3)(3)).  Workshops are taking place in the following locations:

March 1, 2019             Huntsville
March 5, 2019             London
March 6, 2019             Hanover
March 19, 2019           Richmond Hill
March 20, 2019           Kingston
Additional workshops will be considered if there is significant interest in other areas of the Province. The workshops are eligible for funding under the IESO’s Training and Support program.
  1. Energy Efficient Building Operations (EEBO) Workshops:
Through its partnership with Knowenergy (Stephen Dixon), LAS provides custom, on-site training for a broad range of public facilities.  These include anything from arenas/pools and administrative buildings to industrial complexes such as landfills, garages and treatment facilities.  Participants are generally those who interact with these facilities on a regular basis and can speak to/identify issues affecting their buildings.

Organizations who have taken advantage of the Energy Efficient Building Operations workshops have identified thousands of dollars in savings through immediate, low-cost measures.  Consider scheduling this training before July 1 to identify all kinds of ideas that you can include in your Plan, or make sure your update includes training for your staff and keep this workshop in mind.
  1. Energy Plan Consulting Service:
In accordance with our mission to help “save money, make money and solve capacity”, we are launching an Energy Plan Consulting Service with Stephen Dixon to help our members help themselves in time for the July 1 deadline.  The service is geared to those updating their 5-year Plans on their own.  It provides support, guidance, and a review of your final draft 5-year Plan along with improvement suggestions for a fraction of the cost it would take for a third-party to develop the entire plan. 

This cost-effective approach is customized to each organization’s needs and is being offered on a first come, first served basis due to limited capacity.  If this is something of interest to your organization, contact Jeff Barten.
 “If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it” - Peter Drucker.

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