AMO-eSCRIBE Partnership: Digitally Transforming the Municipal Meeting Lifecycle

Posted: February 13, 2019
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If you are an avid reader of the LAS Blog, you know all about AMO’s efforts to help municipal governments implement secure, reliable, and robust digital technologies. You assisted us in identifying your digital transformation challenges and priorities when we wrote #OnMuni Online, which continues to form the foundation of our efforts in researching the most appropriate digital opportunities for the sector.

Our reasons for continuing this work is twofold:
  1. We want to assist members in identifying and implementing effective digital transformative tools to meet legislative requirements and standards.
  2. When the right tools are implemented, municipalities can benefit from administrative and operational efficiencies that improve current processes as well as potential ancillary cost savings.
That’s why AMO has partnered with Solutions Notarius Inc. to offer members access to electronic and digital signature solutions to assist you with your electronic document management processes. That’s why we are pursuing a partnership for a digital customer relationship management (CRM) solution so you can meet integrity commissioner requirements under recent Municipal Act amendments as well as benefit from other improvements to your 3-1-1 processes. It’s why we will be looking to partner with a provider of white labelled webpages that are compliant with AODA website standards that are on the horizon for 2020.

And it’s why we are partnering with eSCRIBE, a provider of digital meeting management and livestreaming solutions so your council, board, and committee meetings can be more efficient, accessible, and transparent. Many AMO members have implemented eSCRIBE solutions and are aware of the benefits of the technology when managing their public meetings. However, many have not.

eSCRIBE solutions specifically address key principles of efficiency, transparency, and accessibility to improve overall municipal meeting management. eSCRIBE approaches the entire meeting lifecycle holistically in one platform, from agenda preparation to the conducting of live meetings, and the publishing of post-meeting documents in AODA-compliant form.

Elevating Efficiency

Municipal meetings consume a lot of resources before, during and after the event, with staff and administrators handling massive amounts of material. By automating manually-intensive processes ranging from agenda creation and approvals to website publication of minutes, municipalities can save considerable time and effort. And for organizations still using paper-based agendas and reports, moving to digital meeting management can significantly reduce printing, shipping and storage costs.

Transparency and Accountability

In today’s hyper-connected society, citizens demand timely information about how their elected officials are making decisions. Online availability of agendas and minutes is now just a baseline for openness and transparency; live video streaming of meetings provides further immediacy while enabling increased public engagement. Meanwhile, in-meeting tools such as electronic voting enhance accountability, letting the public see how each member contributed to a decision.

Advancing Accessibility

Municipalities that have recently revamped their websites must already comply with AODA accessibility legislation and WCAG 2.0 specifications, while those lagging behind have impending deadlines for meeting these requirements. Your website serves as a conduit for sharing information about your meetings, so in addition to your site itself being accessible, all meeting-related content – including agendas, minutes and videos – must be equally as compliant.

An Ontario Based Solution

AMO welcomes eSCRIBE as our preferred partner for digital meeting management and livestreaming solutions. Based in Markham, Ontario they are very familiar with the legislative standards and procedures that form the foundation of Ontario’s municipal meetings, as well as considerations such as data sovereignty and privacy regulations.

On Wednesday, February 13 LAS hosted a free webinar to formally introduce the partnership with eSCRIBE as well as take a deeper dive through a demo of their solutions. Please email Fiona Tsang to request access to a recording of this webinar.

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