Top 10 Reasons to Attend an LAS Town Hall

Posted: February 21, 2018
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Every spring LAS tours the Province of Ontario to educate municipalities on how our programs and services help Save Money, Make Money & Solve Capacity.  Whether your municipality makes use of many of our programs or you’ve never heard of us at all, there are plenty of reasons to come out to this year’s sessions.  Here are just 10 of them.
  1. Top 10 ImageLearn about LAS and its programs and services: LAS currently operates 15 programs and services.  You may know about a handful of them, but I bet you do not know about all of them.  Participants will have a chance to ask questions about each of them.
  1. Receive updates to existing services: Even if you are familiar with all LAS’ programming, things can change from time-to-time.  We may change program partners, make small changes to how we run a program, or expand a program to include new aspects.  Attending a Town Hall will keep you in the loop about all of these changes. 
  1. Learn what impact legislative changes have on LAS programming: New or amended legislation can often trigger a change in LAS programming.  Town Halls are a great way to learn how changes in legislation have affected current programming, or how future legislation may result in new programming.
  1. Meet our staff & program partners:  Ontario is a big province, so regular interactions with 444 municipalities is challenging for LAS staff.  Town Halls give you (and us) the opportunity to put faces to names that we often only talk to over the phone or email back and forth.
  1. Meet staff from other municipalities and learn what they are doing differently from yours: Town Hall sessions provide an opportunity for municipalities to interact with one another.  These interactions might be the source of inspiration needed to solve a problem or address an issue in your own municipality.
  1. Provide Feedback on Programs & Services:  Whether your municipality only participates in one or two programs, or makes use of many, your feedback is important to us.  This is an opportunity for you to share the positive (and maybe not so positive) experiences you’ve had with a particular program to ensure our offerings fall in line with the needs of our municipalities.
  1. Suggest New Programs & Services to LAS:  In addition to providing participants with an overview of current LAS programs and services, Town Halls are an excellent venue for suggesting new ideas to address some of the challenges your municipality is currently facing. 
  1. Go some place you have never gone before:  Like we said, Ontario is a large province, and chances are you haven’t seen it all.  Each year LAS tries to select different municipalities to host our events than in previous years, with the intent of providing that municipality with a little exposure.  This gives you the opportunity to travel somewhere you may have never visited in the past.  Who knows, you may discover the location of your next fishing or camping adventure!
  1. FREE Lunch:  Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch?  Town Halls are catered events that offer pastries and coffee in the morning and a light lunch in the early afternoon – FOR FREE. 
  1. Get out of office for a day:  Many of us spend our work life inside an office sitting at a desk.  Break free of that routine and get out of the office, if only to change things up for one single day.  Who knows, you might even learn something!
There you have it – 10 reasons why you should attend an LAS Town Hall this year.  Even if your reason is #10 on our list, we would still love to have you.
LAS is currently looking at venues in five locations across the province for this year’s sessions.  Keep an eye out for further details and registration information in upcoming editions of the AMO WatchFile, direct communications from LAS, or the LAS Twitter Feed

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