A Year in Review

Posted: December 19, 2018
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As the holidays approach and 2018 draws to a close, it is always a good chance to reflect on the work that organizations have accomplished over the course of a year, and of course the excitement of more to come!

One of the reasons I feel fortunate to lead LAS is the ability to find innovative ways to help municipalities move forward in achieving goals while stretching as far as possible the tax dollars available.  We are well aware that the various programs LAS offers are not the solutions for all the challenges municipalities face, but we do take great pride in the pieces we do contribute.

2018 was an exciting time for LAS in several areas; some visible to you as a municipal member, and some internal for the purpose of serving you better in the future.  After over a decade of advocacy work jointly with AMO and our program partners at the Municipal Finance Officers Association (MFOA), the introduction of the prudent investor standard has presented an opportunity. We are able to forge ahead in the creation of a new business model to help municipalities expand their investment opportunities regardless of the capacity of the municipality.  To do this we realized we needed to transform our business.

As of January 1, 2019, ONE Investment will officially begin operating as a new not-for-profit entity building on the turnkey investment solutions municipalities have trusted for over 25 years.  This joint venture between LAS and MFOA is developing a range of new products and services aimed at helping municipal governments navigate new opportunities presented by the prudent investor standard.  As always though, your municipal perspective is front and centre to ensure we provide the right offerings.  These products will create additional revenue opportunities to help with financial strategies for municipal asset management plans.

LAS also saw growth this year in the road assessment service, launched in 2017 as a way to help municipalities obtain and manage objective road condition data so critical to municipal asset management plans.  The offering was expanded this year to include sidewalk condition rating and trip hazard identification. Another small contribution to making tough infrastructure investment decisions locally. 

Since 1992, LAS has worked with municipalities on a daily basis, helping them make money, save money or solve capacity. We start by listening to you and then develop programming and support to municipalities big and small.  One of the things we heard clearly was the need to relaunch the sharing of energy program related information.  As a result, we have re-introduced quarterly newsletters and are using webinars to convey information.  Look for more of these opportunities in 2019 across the service offerings of LAS. 

2019 promises to continue the fast pace of change and challenge. As a municipal focused organization, LAS is working on your behalf ensure the partners we contract with understand the uniqueness of the municipal sector and offer programs of real value to municipalities. We are looking forward to helping your municipality where we can.

I would also like to thank the LAS team for the dedication and hard work they put in to make this organization what it is. They are truly a pleasure to work with every day, and the work we do for Ontario's municipalities would not be possible without them.

Thank you to all the municipalities who have trusted us and participated in one or more of our programs.  Earning and keeping that trust is our priority. We wish you all the best this holiday season.  Enjoy time with family, friends and to recharge for all the new challenges 2019 will bring.

Judy Dezell
Director, Local Authority Services

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