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Posted: September 06, 2017
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Let us paint you a picture. You show up to work one Saturday morning to find that you are the only person in a dark and peaceful office. You go to reach for the lights, then stop. Instead of flipping the switch, which will instantly fill the entire office space with beams of artificial light, you walk over to a large bank of windows and open the blinds to let the brilliant natural daylight fill your space with light and warmth. You make your way to your workstation, turn on your computer and start sifting through emails. Time passes and you realize it’s about time for a coffee break. You switch off your computer monitor with ease and set out on the hunt for that well deserved cup of joe. Along the way to your destination, you pass by a fully lit meeting room. ‘That’s odd’, you think to yourself, you’re the only one here today. You swiftly reach in and turn off the lights, feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment in your choice.  As morning turns to afternoon, you begin to feel rather warm. Perhaps some air conditioning will stifle the heat that’s being radiated by the sunlight beaming in. On second thought, you make your way over the window and lower the blinds. You take off your sweater, grab a cool glass of water, and head back to your desk switching on the task light overhead. Now you’re sufficiently comfortable and quickly pick up where you left off.

Now you might be thinking, what’s the point to this story? We’re glad you asked. Every person working in your organization makes the decision whether or not to purchase energy every second of every day. Whether it’s turning on a light, making a cup of coffee, charging a cell phone or turning up the thermostat – all of these choices consume energy and cost your organization and consequently, the taxpayers you serve, money. Some might argue the cost of charging a cell phone is minimal in the grand scheme of things, and that statement may be fair. However, multiply that cost by the hundreds, or thousands, of cell phones charging in your organization and this quickly becomes a cost you should be attempting to manage.

So now you might ask, ‘how do I attempt to manage these energy costs?’  It’s as simple as education and awareness. An Employee Engagement and Energy Awareness Program (EEEAP) employs behavioural science to increase operational energy efficiencies. By providing simple, actionable messages relevant to their daily tasks, employees are inspired and motivated to make changes in facility operations or energy use patterns to achieve energy savings of as much as 3-5%.

With this in mind, LAS and TdS Dixon Inc. are offering municipalities, and members of broader public sector organizations, the opportunity to empower their own internal Energy Champion through a series of Train-the-Trainer workshops across Ontario.  The course includes the initial training at one of five in-person full-day workshops where you will learn how to utilize education, motivation and workplace cultural changes to capture low-cost / no cost energy savings within your facilities.  Following this will be a series of webinars and an online forum where participants will be able to connect with other participants, receive guidance as they put their plans into action, and share challenges and successes of their new EEEAP program.  Upon completion of this workshop, your champion will have at their fingertips the tools and resources required to organize, implement, and evaluate the success of your own internal EEEAP.

For information on workshop dates, locations and registration, please visit the Train-the-Trainer Event page or contact Jeff Barten, jbarten@amo.on.ca.

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